What if you wanted to live in a place forever, but you weren’t sure about how to do so?

IMG_20170509_192506It is my second year in paradise. Or should I say second half of the year. I work seasonal at the most beautiful mystical place in the whole wide world. A little fish village in Crete where it is impossible to get lost physically as it has only two main roads but so easy to feel your heart and soul flying…

The first time I came here, I had worked in a place where it literally suck out my soul. At some point, I had enough and decided either to find something different or pack my bags and go to London. (The city of opportunity for English Speaking Europeans before Brexit era.)

The moment I set my foot to my mystical place, I felt serendipity. The man that had the new company was around my age, with a sharp mind and good manners. The job was intriguing. I love learning new things and boy, I had to learn and employ what I learnt immediately.

This place, which I shall not name, because the connoisseurs have discovered it already, provokes the pirate in me. Rocky small islands remind me the landscape at the end of the  movie “The Goonies” .  Sometimes I could almost see a big pirate ship passing by the uninhabited island just across the place.

A mosaic floor of an old byzantine church stands as a silent witness to a history unknown to me. And yet, everything looks familiar. In this place, I feel it impossible to be nervous, stressful, anything negative whatsoever.

I would like so much to live here… I can’t see how I am going to leave my big love, my Capoeira Pireause Cordao de Ouro team. I can’t see how I am going to spend the winter here without a car or a job.

I know writing is what I meant to do. Hopefully, things will work out and my life will find balance and I will taste my shot of heaven here. mmm I feel kind of ungrateful right now.

Because I do taste a shot of heaven currently. I only wish it could last till my last breath.


P.S. Hey, if you know a literature agent who would like to represent a writer with a pirate heart tell them to drop me a line. Or drop me a line and make your suggestions.


Written by Vasiliki Xyfteri


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