What if you had to keep away from any kind of chocolate for at least six months, while you were a chocoholic ?




I had some discomfort and I could not lose weight. A dietitian friend of mine suggested I took an intolerance test. I did.  And now I have come to wonder whether that was a good idea.

The specialist gave me a six-page list of edibles my body refuses to burn easily. Among them, alas, was cocoa butter. “What does this mean?” I asked her panicky. “You won’t be able to consume chocolate, if you want to see results,” she told me seriously. “Not even dark chocolate?” I asked her. “Not even that,” she told me looking at me coldly in the eyes.

Now I want you to imagine a person who does not drink coffee, alcohol, sedatives or what soever but found absolute comfort and balance to chocolate. I used to eat 3 to 4 bars of chocolate per day. I know what you are going to say! “This is not healthy.” Well, living in a city that is under construction, having two night clubs across the street not letting you have a nice restful night sleep and having no job but working constantly is not healthy either!

However, my reputation as a determined woman had to be upheld. Since I arrived in Crete I had no piece of chocolate what soever. To tell you the truth I do not know how I handle it really. I miss it every day. But the doctor said to give it a go for six months and since I changed my scenery and I can actually sleep at night I thought “it is now or never.”

My days are lonely without my great love, and mind you I fast for religious purposes half the year turning to dark chocolate that at least kept me at balance. This situation has no precedence. Each time though, I refuse chocolate, I feel stronger inside. I have a sense that in the end of my six months trial I am going to rise, thinner, healthier and more strong willed than ever.

And that is worth all the struggle I have been going through…


By Vasiliki Xyfteri



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