What if you had rented a house you had never seen and it turned out to be a total disaster? by Vasiliki Xyfteri

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So, I decided to work at the same place for this season as well and being an organized fr… erhhh person I made the arrangements for my stay at January. Few months forward, after a tiring ship voyage, I burst into my new home and said to the land lady. “Let me give you the rent now, so I can unpack and have a good rest.” BIIIIG mistake!

It turned out that the “little maisonette villa” as she had described it on the phone, was a house that had mold, it hadn’t be painted for mmm my guess is ten years and the furniture were rotten. I got panicked. I called my colleague. When I heard the word “mierde” coming out of her mouth, I knew I was in deep shit. (Forgive my language but, that was the only word that could describe the situation.)

“Ok, Irene, do you know a place where I could find putty and paint and things?” “Sure”, she said. “At the next village.” And she was so kind as to take me there and get all the things. When I returned, I really got into it. I had a meeting through Skype at six (and I had to find a wifi also because guess what? She had no wifi either!)

I started scrabbing, applying the putty and paint in such a hurry, that after three hours that seemed like a century, I managed to make the first floor clean and presentable. When Irene returned to see it, her first words were a blessing. “Now, this smells clean!” Well, then I had to take a shower, and take my suitcases upstairs through a tiny staircase and sleep beneath the cobwebs and big spiders. And place my clothes in the rotten wardrobe. (My God! I am writing and I feel like I am reliving that nightmare!)

Well, I refused to do so. I went for a walk and met a friend. She had told me that she would have a house ready when I came. As it happened she did! She was trying to reach me, but calling me from a different phone number I did not pick it up!

Yes, now I am in a new home, with a little more expensive rent, but I rest when I return from work.

What were Madame Dariaux words ? “Never settle for anything that isn’t first rate”… She had a point!


P.S The lady refused to give me back the money. She said she could have rented the place. I really hope God will spare people and let her wait forever.


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