What if you took the risk to fail 100% so that you won’t have any regrets?


Living a life of regrets remains the fear of many. They tend to do any extreme thing or satisfy any desire they have in mind just so they won’t have any regrets. I never believed in that. I always thought that you do what you have to do. “Carpe Diem” in my mind means seize the day to leave a worthy inheritance behind you, because it maybe your last indeed and a life worth living is a life worth leaving…

However, there are certain things you do not wish to regret. You do not want to allow any what ifs to haunt your future. You just want to clear out any dilemmas. In a rare occasion, you know that you are heading towards a possible failure. Yet, aren’t winnings built on failures? It would be lovely to learn things with no mistakes; lovely but boring. Failures make life interesting, especially, when you have a big goal and you know that they bring you closer to that one.

What kind of failure are you afraid of? What is the worst thing that can happen? Can you afford not to go on without this failure?…




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