What if you lost your appetite?


I used to have the appetite of my father. He once told me “I could eat everything on this table. But, I need to leave something for the others.” I had smiled and nodded understanding what he meant completely.

But, the other day, I noticed that the usual appetite had abandoned me. There I was in front of a lavish buffet and I caught myself to want to eat … nothing. It was highly unusual, and I grabbed something out of habit rather than my usual appetite. As I munched my dinner, I started exploring my feelings. To me appetite for food means appetite for life. Has the removal of chocolate had caused some short of drainage inside?

I have too many things to feel  happy about. There are situations though that make me sad; situations I can not control really. That night I went home and put everything that could feed my unhappy thoughts on paper. I made a drawing of a chest and felt relieved. Just because you have the chest, that does not mean  you need to open it…




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