What if you wanted to put a book up on Amazon but it did not support the language?


So, it took me around seven years to write my book on Greek myths. I wrote it in Greek and then translated it in English. I put the English version on Amazon as I thought English is wider spoken than Greek. Little did I know that the Greek version would be held captive in technicalities.

I was about to launch the Greek version when I realized that Amazon does not support Greek. I saw Alsatian and Baskan among the languages and since they are not national but local languages I was surprised to see Greek outside. I sent a letter to Amazon as to me a big percentage of readers of my Greek myths would be the Greeks abroad. I have lived abroad and I know how frustrating it is to get yourself Greek books. I thought that Kindle would be a solution.

I decided to act upon the matter and

  1. Sent an email to Amazon kindle team.
  2. Sent a message throughout my facebook friends to write an email to Amazon.
  3. Sent a message to a special writer’s team that I belong to.

Twenty four hours later, I got a nice response from a member in Kindle team, Siva. She/he told me that for technical reasons they can not support the Greek language yet ( I hold dearly to that yet…) but there are some other platforms that could work.

The fact that they tried to provide me with a solution instead of writing just a polite letter led me to think how powerful Amazon is. It is not a company with a great name. It is a company with a great attitude!


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