What if you decided to fight for your rights by creating a team to question the norms?


The other day I caught a glimpse to the *story of school boys in Devon wearing a skirt as a means to protest for their uniform in summer time.

I thought of it in two different ways. First, I believed it courageous for the young boys to defy the norms in such a bold and imaginative way. Then, my thoughts went to the boys of Sparta that wore the same cloth regardless of weather just so they will be able to learn on defying the conditions they live in.

Each case has something to teach; defying the norms on one hand, showing such obedience to the norms that you develop a deep level of self-discipline on the other. Which case is right each time depends on the circumstances.



* https://www.theguardian.com/education/2017/jun/23/exeter-schools-uniform-resolve-melts-after-boys-skirt-protest


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