What if someone spread rumours about you in the office?


I have been living in a city my whole life. But, I long the quiet and close to nature life in the village. Unfortunately, there is one thing that I detest more than anything; gossip. It really complicates life and frankly I wonder why on earth people bother with it; and in the village you get that attitude a lot!

But, when gossip happens in the workplace, we are standing on thin ice. You just can’t start defending yourself or feel frustrated. The rumours will begin to grow. What you can do is make a joke out of them.

Recently, I was  linked with a certain colleague. The news came to me as a surprise! I did not know I had a new boyfriend! In the past, the whole situation would have gotten me mad. Now, I was like… lol  They must have a lot of free time in their hands if they start rumours, let alone if they start rumours about a person’s life whom they rarely see.

I told my friend and we decided to play along.

“You better marry me after you go to the army!”

“No, before, so I that I won’t miss you to anyone.”

“You are right, I might find someone younger than you!” (He is already 18 years my junior!)

This kind of dialogue is a regular joke between us now and if someone says anything, I just agree to the absurdity and laugh. Humour can be one hell of a weapon! Use it wisely…


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