What if you started your vacation without being able to find the hotel you booked?

ReadingAMapImagine you have booked your lovely holiday on a certain platform and you had the communication number and address of your apartment only to arrive and find that none of it worked.

As it happened the other day, I ran into a couple who encountered just that problem. I could not do more than the “mighty Zeus” would want me to and I tried to help the best way I could. Apparently, the address of the rental apartment was none existent as there are no addresses in most villages in Greece. The postman just knows the owners by heart and miraculously everybody finds their way. The visitors though need to follow specific instructions;i.s. ask a local.

On the other hand, the telephone contact we had did not work. Out of a second pair we heard a possibility and I took the two tourists to the spot. A young man appeared and I asked whether the number was his. He said it wasn’t and his boss was about to come. In the end, what had happened was that the telephone number was an old one and the platform had not changed the number according to the owner’s words.

Messy story, happy end. If you find a tourist in your town needing help, don’t just give directions. Take the extra mile and help them out personally. You would be responsible for having made somebody’s day…


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