What if you loved somebody that the others would think as an unlikely match?

Beauty-and-the-Beast-Emma-Watson-Josh-Gad-Man-RepellerExpectations seem to follow us on each step of our way. Family, society, school and then our own thoughts of what we should do and become hunt us in our daily lives. When the time to find our one and only comes, things become harder.  We search for the person who would check all the points in our list and yet our heart will follow. Sometimes though as the motto says love is blind. We end up dating with someone totally unexpected of us.

This has been the story of my life actually. The only time I dated a guy that everybody would say he was the one for me, he was so totally not for me. You know from the very first seconds if you want to meet someone further, right? Well, the thing is that you need to remember that it is just that; a desire for a further acquaintance. It is not your match made in heaven. It is not your one and only.

Would you trust this person with your life? When you are ready to answer that in a positive way, then you know you are standing in front of your one and only.

After all, Belle knew better!


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