What if you lost all your files from your phone in one click?


The other day I was trying to send a photo to a colleague of mine. Alas, the computer and my cell refused to cooperate to my dismay… “There must be something that I can do! Google knows it all” I said to myself. Not realizing it, half an hour later I erased everything; videos, photos, contacts…

“The technicians will bring it all back” they were telling me. But inside me, I knew that my staff have gone forever. That same afternoon my worst fears were verified. The first thing I wanted to do was to eat chocolate, my comfort food. I resisted the temptation. ( I am in a severe 6 months advent of chocolate situation and if I yield once I am sure it would do no good. )

The second; how on earth was my life before having a cell phone in the first place? I had lost all these contacts. Would the people I needed call me? What did I really need? What started as a simple technical problem turned out to be a reflection on my life, on what is important to me really.

A light misfortune turned out to be a blessing in disguise…


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