What if it was spring and everybody was hot while you were cold?


I always admired models; not because of their beauty, but because they kept pretending living in a different season showcasing the joy of life in the best manner disregarding the weather conditions.

I don’t believe there is a term for my situation. My body wants to be in a constant summer state. When it is warm, I bloom. It feels cold even in quite mild temperatures.

The other day I saw so many people in their swimming suits defying the wind and there I was standing covering myself tight in my small woolen jacket. Initially I thought there was something wrong with me. Yet, whenever I think all those people in 40 degrees when I bloom, I tell myself, and sometimes them, that tolerance and adaptability have their own norms.

I was born in the middle of July and my body wishes to remain to that state. Regardless, my heavy clothes I would like to think I bring sunshine to people’s lives.




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