What if you wanted some vacation and your brain was determined not to give you some?

endless_thoughts_by_theunknownbeing-d5bw9ma-1014x487I check out people who have their vacation. I am so happy to be part of the team that makes their vacation a wonderful memory. However, I can’t stop but wonder what if I were in their shoes? The thing is I haven’t had proper relaxing vacation since 2004 when my grandparents were alive and I was excited for the fore-coming Athens Olympics. I had just returned from the States and everything seemed hopeful.

Ten years on, I am trying to keep my hopes high. But, my brain refuses to give it a go. I have thousands of worries and thoughts that leave me restless. Sometimes, I have a feeling that my brain runs a marathon when I sleep. I wake up tired and usually with a solution to what I was thinking before Morfeas came to take me in his soft embrace…

I wonder what  I could do to make my brain still again; able to absorb the moment and relax for a while, or rather for a long time… Sometimes, I pray and worries seem to get lifted. I also do capoeira and then, things are quite tough for my brain. I can’t worry, and sing and play simultaneously. But, you can not do capoeira every single moment of your life. I do not really know what will stop or at least slow down this vicious stream. I only know that the matter is in my hands…



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