What if your colleague had a smaller workload, a higher position and was getting paid 10 times more than you?



And the boxing match is about to begin!

In one corner we have M. junior executive, with 95% of workload, (45% belonging to her senior executive just opposite her) working more than 12 hours all days of the week and maximum  salary 2500 Euros a month….

In the opposite corner we have P. Senior executive, with 5% of workload (approving M.’s her and his workload) working 4 hours during the weekdays and maximum salary 27000 Euros a month…

Now ain’t that a match to watch or what? Nope. It is fixed. Well, that is exactly how I felt when my friend described me the situation in her company. I used this parallel of a boxing game (a flair from my days as a boxer; don’t ask me I left my gloves somewhere in the States) as the image came clear in my head.

Life is not fair according to Bill Gates. Yes, it isn’t. But, nobody can stop us from making it fair for us. So M. in this case has three options. A. Give back her senior his workload and see the manager for setting specific goals of the month making sure she has everything she is entitled to and ask a specific raise according to what she has done.

B. Build her network while working with companies of her field and spread the word around that she is seeking for a different job.

C. Make a plan to make her own company, as so far she had gained valuable experience, knowledge, and contacts.

If anybody else sees more plans, you are welcome to respond, as the alphabet is still long… and my friend could use some ideas.



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