What if you have settled your mind to follow certain goals while others kept coming and seemed equally interesting?


I love the era we live in. Humanity has gone through a lot. People in certain areas of the planet have managed to live in a satisfactory lifestyle. We need to appreciate the plethora of choices we have nowadays. Yet, I keep hearing the words: “There are so many things I can do, I can’t decide which is right for me;” or “I have many passions to follow I can’t just have one!”

You decide to fulfill specific goals and suddenly, something new and exciting comes up. And you want to do both. Who can stop you? The thing is the moment you start telling people what you want to do they start questioning your abilities. They want you to define yourself with only one thing. It would be more edible for the market they say.

Well, each time I hear somebody saying something like that – and they say it often mind you- I kept thinking of famous people like Oprah, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, who actually went ahead to do what they wanted to do shushing those voices out or inside their own heads.

And there are those words by Nelson Mandela “We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually who are you not to be? You are a child of God…” that haunt me and give me strength. He was right. It is all up to us to change our inner thoughts that will lead to great actions.

We are responsible for our own destiny.




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