What if a friend had a skeleton in the closet that you would never have thought?


secret-shhhA friend of mine told me an unusual story. He met a guy at the island he was working for. They became good friends. They went to a trip abroad together and then his friend told him that he was gay and he actually liked him. For that reason he did not want to speak to him again…

And I thought to myself: “Wow! What a mess for one man and the other!” The first guy must have felt really weird. God knows how bad you feel when you are close to a person you are in love with while you know that person is not going to respond to your feelings, let alone having to keep your sexuality a secret. (The French have an expression that I adore to describe love with no reciprocity; la douleur exquise=exquisite pain) The other one suddenly learns one thing about his friend and he just loses him.

In my case, a friend of mine actually told me something shocking, which I do not feel comfortable to share. At first, I looked at her seeing the same person that I knew such a long time. She seemed the same to me. Only then, the sadness in her eyes made sense. I am sure that she is going to fight and find the light she so desperately needs. And I am going to be next to her during the whole process. What are friends are for if not standing by your when life gives you a hard time?…


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