What if you were on a summer holiday and suddenly the weather turned into autumn?


While we were enjoying almost 30 degrees Celsius, we received the bad news; in the following two days the weather was going to have a turn, the temperature would fall 10 degrees and the  whole place would be flooded. “No, way Jose! The weather is fine!” I thought. Wrongly.  We had our thunderstorms and water all over the place.

A guest in our hotel arrived at the reception all wet with her bathing suit. “Have you been swimming?” I asked her in total awe! “Sure”, she replied. “I do not won’t to miss my swims. I have two days of vacation left so I better make the most of it.”

Now, this is an attitude! Even though I come from Greece and we enjoy summer at its best, I am not friend of the salty water nowadays. I wouldn’t mind rain. I love it. But, having all these guests visiting from the North, expecting to find sun, I felt stressed because I did not want them to feel disappointed.  Yet, here comes this positive attitude to show some sunshine in the rain. And you know what this makes? A rainbow! …

I am so happy when our guests are happy! Isn’t it wonderful to be able to receive positive energy from happy people? Give good and good will find its way back to you…


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