What if the package you expected arrived earlier?


I love surprises. Positive surprises that is!

I could not help my cry of joy when my assigned package arrived earlier about a week than expected. It was an internet stick and a pocket  holder like the ones in the photo (if you get the hint). My life will be so much simpler now with these two objects. Simple things can make  or destroy your day. Mine has been a struggle without internet and with so many little things trying to find their place in my new room.

I started thinking over how many things we keep receiving earlier than we expect. Yet, we forget to feel grateful for; a smile from a child, a visit from a friend, a compliment from a total stranger…

God, thank you so much for making it all go smooth this time and for giving me a family that cares… Thanks Contantina for finding my stuff and thanks mom, well, I have so many things to thank my mom for that it would take me volumes. Love ya all!


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