What if you needed to succeed in life for a specific little person?


I have a young Goddaughter. Her name is Irini and I miss her tremendously. I haven’t seen her since she was one year old and now she goes to preschool. She likes Elsa from Frozen, and climbing. I do not know where exactly she is. The only thing I know is that she is somewhere in Oregon and goes to a really nice Greek American private school. I do not know the circumstances why her mother is not with her. I do not know with whom she is with. I only hope and pray.

But, in this situation that I am in, I can’t help but think how much I need to succeed in the financial area. My success in what I have been doing has not translated into financial prosperity so far. How can a mere salary half the year help make a trip to U.S. and build a healthy model for her? I would like so much to take her and have her for the summer or more if circumstances allowed. I never believed that parents are the only ones with the privilege to love their child. I know because as a teacher I miss all my children and mostly those little ones that I used to see more than their parents. I wonder where they are and what they are doing and it is sad that they won’t remember me.

My little person is my responsibility for a lifetime in this case. Her thought makes me want to go on despite doors shutting on my face one after the other. The quote “I can’t afford to fail” feels more real than ever.



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