What if you wanted to create wonderful things in your job and the manager did not let you?


I met a friend of mine the other day. She told me that her brother is having difficulties. He is a chef and his manager does not allow him to do whatever he wants in the kitchen; to make his own menu. Even though, I am no chef I can totally understand the guy. As a teacher, I have felt the need to do my own thing numerous times and the oppression of colleagues, headmistress and parents sways over my head each time.

A creative soul should not be bound by norms. Every breakthrough in history happened because people decided to follow their true call, rebel and create. It is sad to see so many people today captured in the trivial routines of their job and managers killing their talent.

So, if a manager does not let you create, what if you decided to leave? Think about it; you have the choice to leave. You always do. It is a big step. But, it is a big step towards freedom. Do not make it recklessly. Think about it, plan a strategic exit and go for it. Our world is full of possibilities. It is a pity to live a life having a what if hunting your creative days…


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