What if you had to do too many things from your list?

Depositphotos_6254666_m-1500x1004The other day, I realized that I just needed to do a lot of things. When I mean “need” and “a lot of things” I am serious. I woke up at 6 and checked my list. “Ok, now, what would Brian Tracy do in my case? Which activity would bring me closer to my most important goal?” I started with my biiiiiig ugly frog, that is the hardest and most important activity. It took me ages, but, when I managed to have the first results, I felt liberated.

Brian Tracy has been my coach without him knowing it. I have read the book “Eat that frog” so many times, that I feel as if the writer keeps whispering to my ear the right question each time. It made me move from one activity to the other with complete focus and by midnight, I had finished all things from my list apart from one.  And I believe for the first time since I read the book in 2008, I fully accepted the positive impact eating that big ugly frog has as a daily habit.

For those who have not read the book, I totally recommend it. For those of you who have but still wonder why life does not work, just act upon Brian Tracy’s advice. It is priceless.

P.S. I really do hope that the poor little frog in the photo did not end  up to the belly of that big man!


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