What if you actually managed to burn the pop corn?

17629919_1176896555752164_2409442908023937546_n - Copy

Certain simple chores are considered impossible to fail. So what happens if you do?

Well, the other day, I managed to burn the pop corn. I kept talking with my niece, thought that I had not left it enough in the microwave, kept resetting the timer and suddenly, the smell and smoke coming out made us realize something was wrong. Indeed, once we opened the door of the microwave, we came across a disaster. We started laughing, she took my picture and then, put it up on facebook.

The immediate reaction of my friends amazed me. Too many likes on my burnt pop corn art and comments. And after the laughter ended, I was like, “what on earth? I write daily and I have no like or comments on facebook and then suddenly. a silly catastrophe and people respond! ” It seems that the simple everyday act that finds an unexpected turn enthuse the soul as we are reminded that life is full of surprises and even the best can actually burn the pop corn!

I was grateful to my niece who took the picture, and to the friend who called and said “Hey, how are you going to get a man after you showed off that you burnt the microwave pop corn on facebook” I have this to say. “Just because I burnt the pop corn one day, that does not mean, I will burn it the next… ” Stay tuned!






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