What if all you wanted was to go up on the mountains, stay in a cabin and write?


There comes a point in life when you just had enough; when all you want is to go up on the mountains and disappear from the crowd. About two years ago, when I was building my own businesses, I took a day off and decided to go as a volunteer to Parnitha, the Athenian Mountain, and safeguard the forest for fire along with some other people.

The thought of having a break from reality rejuvenated me and when I saw the cabin, the only thing I wished was to have my notebook and pencil and start writing. Many times since then, I have wondered why I do not just go for it. Disappear into the mountains, find a hut and write. I am sure that only something good would come out from the whole experience as Picasso said :”Without great solitude no serious work is possible”. The artist needs peace and quiet within to start creating.

If our soul is asking for the mountains, I am sure that if we feed it, wonderful meaningful things will result.


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