What if you could make the right choice every time?


I believe this article should have the title “the anatomy of a right choice”. What makes the difference between a right and a wrong choice actually? “The results” would be a pretty descent answer. The thing is you never know the results before you make the decision. What you ought to know though is where you want to go. We spend so much time thinking about decisions, but we miss the real target; how we want our lives to evolve.

Let’s say there is a girl who wants to become a lawyer. She studies hard, passes the exams, enters the University of her choice, finishes with magna cum laude, becomes a partner in a good law firm and suddenly, she realizes this is not what she wants. She has actually made all the wrong choices. What has really happened?

We live in a world of visions and icons, of success and failure as others decided for us. We just want to become the best version of a self while we are wrapped around ideas coming in hordes daily from outside and leading to certain roads we never actually built. Later in life, we discover there were always different paths. Tangled in the whirlwind outside, we never found the time to feel the peace inside; to follow our instincts on what is best for us.

So the question remains; will the girl stay unhappy to a place where she never belonged in the first place, or will she make the right decision for her?

What would you do?…


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