What if you met with relatives for the first time after … 39 years?



I lost my father about seven months ago. Our bond with his family was never close. It was a big surprise for me when I saw a request with the name of my grandfather whom I never met at facebook. There was no picture and I did not reply. I just thought it a joke.

But, several months later, I received a phone call from a cousin of mine. Apparently, he and his wife wanted to see my mom. And so they did. And there it was a man in his mid fifties looking like my dad in front of our door. Meeting my cousin for the first time felt weird, almost surreal. I just kept thinking why didn’t we do this when dad was still alive.

I have nieces who studied at the same departure, at the same university as I did and hopefully I am going to meet them one day. All this experience taught me one thing. Family is larger than you think. Just go out, check them out and be ready to get some wonderful surprises!


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