What if your blog readers thought you had one blog while you constantly move between two?

Sopjimage (13)

“What if… ”

“What if answered”

These two titles appear in two different blogs. My blogs. The story is simple. I wanted to start writing. I have reached a point that if I didn’t, I would have burst. And I wanted to write and motivate people. I did not know how to create two blogs in one website and so I thought to create two different websites. Genious move! Now I am stuck.

I have been talking with a lot of people about my digital identity. They all told me that it appears too confusing, as if I did not know what I want to do. The universe of my mind is quite rich and interesting and I find it hard to be anything less than multidimensional. It’s funny because I always think that I write clearly and simply. But, how you think about yourself and how you are conceived might be two different things.

The bottom line is this; people are diverse and have many roles in their daily and sometimes professional life. When it comes to communicating, it is easier for everyone to categorize the different kind of information and make connections with given facts. The old ways resist new and alternative, while the latter try to find a way to rise and shine. Who is going to prevail? Now, that is an answer worth investigating for the next five years. If only I had that time…


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