What if you had the chance to live one more century?

eternity There are people who will always live through their work, people who left just a tomb behind and Wolverine, a classic DC hero who stays young and never dies. Or at least this is the initial story plot. So, the question is would we really like to live one more century?

The very thought frightens me. I can not stop my brain in this century and it is hard to imagine how I can stop it for another hundred years. But, if I had no choice and I had to live a hundred  years more, then, I guess, I would dedicate my life to healing people traveling around the world. I would become a nomad, offering my services to humanity. If only I had the super powers of Wolverine as well!

mmm Now, that I think about it that would be a nice way to spend the first one hundred years as well, wouldn’t it? Living like a nomad helping people around.


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