What if you had too many passions and you did not know how to put them all together in one digital identity?


A person is not one thing. Yet, the market needs to identify people through a solid unique identity. At least, this is what people keep telling me. I need to be either that or the other. And as an independent out of the box thinker I am, I keep giving the examples of Oprah, Anthony Robbins, people who do a lot of things in their life and have one thing in common. They pursue things they care  and feel passionate about.

However, everybody starts from something. My story starts from stories; travelling with my imagination and writing. I have been a teacher, a painter, a seller, a receptionist, a secretary,  a spokesperson, a business woman, you name it; always involved with people always looking for the best story among people; always using my imagination.

As my imagination grows, I am sure, in the end, I will find a rich creative identity that will honour the truth and yet, be close to the market’s needs. If Leonardo Da Vinci did it, I am sure we all can…



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