What if you kept postponing following the career you love?


I have big news for you. The more you postpone following the career you love, the more you set up yourself for suffering. I know you do not like the news, but that is the truth.

It took me around 33 years to finally realize that only if I do what I love, I will feel complete; as if my life serves its purpose. I say 33 because I was only 7 when I read the book little women and Joe inspired me in more than one ways; I knew back then how I want to lead my life, yet got lost in the way.

Years later, I read Anthony Robbins’ “Awake the Giant within” where he mentions about how people choose based on what gives them each time immense pleasure or immense pain. What is more painful than to stick around doing a job you hate, while there are hundreds of options out there?

I had two failed businesses, and I have seen what it is to see your hard work fall apart. But, if I had not taken the step, I would always wonder and I did not want to live with a what if hanging in my head for the rest of my life. What about you?…


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