What if women help one another to reach the top?


Such a rare picture to see the media positively commenting on women’s alliance. In fact all we see is women dividing forces between working mothers, stay at home moms, singles, spinsters etc. It seems as if putting on a label to a woman consists of a mandatory process in order for her to find her place in the world; and the story goes that women suffocate one another.

If you think of all the stereotypes about women, you will notice a tensity among them, a stealth rivalry behind all the smiles that keeps appearing as the only relationship existing among women. Who benefits from this projection though?

hmhmm Well, let’s not name the guilty rather than focus on the reality. Women help women. Women help men as well. Women help people with talent and the right kind of attitude. If we need to be stereotypical let’s think like that.

Oh, and if women help women reach the top miracles would happen… I stereo-typically say it is one of our talents.




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