What if you did not know how to break that darn glass ceiling?



I was really stressed the previous week. I had to go over and over again in my mind the gazillion ideas I have about how I want my life to evolve.

I heard one interesting success story, participated in a speed business mentoring for women event and watched the incredible  *Matthew Hussey talking about entrepreneurship this time.

And suddenly, it hit me! That darn glass ceiling, that in my life has been a glass tube with me in it, can break with a big heavy hammer that only I, myself, am responsible to mold. The hammer will involve listening to my positive inner voice and shush all negative ones, doing what I know to do best and go on regardless.

The fact that now, I know I can be a member of a great women’s team that would empower one another is a plus.

If a ceiling is made of glass, do not be afraid to break it. Glass is fragile. If you do not have a hammer, you can do it with your own fist.

*Matthew Hussey is best known as a relationship coach. However, he actually knows how to maneuver  his way into super business deal doing what he loves most.




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