What if you saw a different model walking the runways?

People keep talking about diversity. They like thinking that they can embrace the difference as it will enrich their lives. Yet, stereotypes are so strongly rooted inside us that when we see something that is out of our usual perceptions we stand still for a moment and say WOW…

Now, if it is a positive situation that WOW could work as an inspiration. That happens when I saw the picture of a young woman in a wheelchair walking the runway in an extreme confidence. We tend to compare models with these ethereal creatures that whatever they will wear they would look good in. But, the reality is a model should work as a role model; a person with elegance, grace and inner strength that would empower women.

I believe the model in the photo did just that. Empowered women not only with her beauty but with her strength to break stereotypes and deliver a strong message of will.

I wish I could meet her and tell her how proud I am of her. 463547026


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