What if you didn’t know where your life was going?



You wake up and you realize you had all these dreams and none of it happened. Life took unexpected turns and twists leaving you in the very beginning. Now what? Who knows what will happen with the next dream? But, what if you took the dream and turned it into a goal? What if we actually had the power to make our dreams come true just by focusing all our thoughts and actions towards what we wanted?

It took me a great book that I read ten years ago, and a lot of failures to realize that if one thing happened another wouldn’t feeling rich by all the experience I gained and all the wonderful people I met because of my mistakes. Yet, “Eat that frog” by Brian Tracy made sense only when I realized that I am the only hindrance between where I am and where I want to go. I tend to want things yesterday and get disappointed and thinking I am incompetent if I do not have things on time. The irrationality of the whole vicious circle of thoughts closed when I started watching carefully when I felt happy.

It is not the instant success that brings a smile to my face. It is the sense of a winner I feel each time I manage what I have in mind after hard work and focused efforts. We need to stop worry about all the things that we can not control and see what we can do about all the things that we actually can act upon.

Magic takes its own time to happen…


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