What if you needed to discover your WOW?

I hear so many people complaining about their job. It is not what they actually like; it is what brings ends meat. They keep going at it, everyday slowly and gradually transforming themselves into some kind of a human robot. When I tell them that I want to work on something that would give me good money and feel happy at the same time, I am looked at as an alien species or as a pariah who just refuses to join the system. They are right actually; I am refusing. I know that all people who are truly successful in their lives feel happy doing what they are doing. A successful job feels like a complimentary way to live; a meaningful way to honour life.

But, in order to do so you really need to discover your WOW factor; the activity that makes your heart beat faster giving  your eyes and smile a certain glow. When searching for your WOW we usually go to what intrigues us, to what we find refuge after a tiring day. There are plenty of stories about people thought successful in some area who decided to turn their lives 180 degrees unexpectedly and do what spoke to their heart. Yes, they had to make some pretty hard decisions and face a lot of disbelief in the way, however, the outcome was worth all the agony.

Our WOW factor comes from within and unfolds like a spiral making our lives richer freeing up our creativity. Just follow your inner voice  and embrace your journey.



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