What if you discovered you loved something that most people hate?

pjimage-8 Desert; an unfriendly dry place where life is unbearable for plants and animals. To me it is a lifelong dream destination. I spent many summers of my life at a small Greek island called Elafonisos in Lakonia. There, the sand is white and hot and the blue turquoise waters invite you to dive in and let there all your worries and pain. The minute I stepped on the island, I walked barefoot. The hot white sand beneath me felt like it embraced my whole being and gave me tremendous energy. I could not imagine, perhaps, I still can not imagine, a more relieving therapeutic power than that.

When I first saw the movie “Lawrence of Arabia” I realized that my kingdom of relief expanded in vast areas in another countries. The sand and horses enchanted my childhood fantasy and I have been wanting to go to the desert ever since.

As I grew up, the dream became more distant. Where desert lies, also lie human laws and in these parts of the earth, I, a single woman always speaking her mind, would not feel welcomed. However, pictures of a friend who visited Doha recently made me rethink. “What if…?” Who knows maybe I will let my fear travel their way and I will visit my desert. Some day…


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