What if a moment of passion defined your life?


Rosa Nouchette Carey… What? You do not know her? Neither did I, but as I was checking some quotes this came up and coming from a woman author who lived in Victorian era is a big deal to me. This motto dictates my life.

My life is composed by moments of passion. I am not so sure which one could have the biggest impact. I cherish the experience of that second that I felt like a winner; the moments that I stood up and moved on after a failure or I actually got my goal.

However, if I had to choose one moment in my life that completely changed the way I felt about things was when I heard I had won a writing competition. I had completely forgotten about entering when I received the call from my teacher. “You are the first winner all over Greece.” She told me. The story was about a stray dog and I had put so much emotion into it that when I was asked to read the story at the awards ceremony I started crying.

What would life be without passion? …


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