What if life gave you an alternative ending of your choice?


Ending up an accomplished wealthy writer, living at a stone house overlooking the Aegean sea up on a mountain, with my seven children and my Jason Statham look alike husband riding my kawasaki bike carefree and blessed. Aaaaahhh dreams…

I am not going to give you a tour in my current situation. Because the alternative story of my ending is so good that I dream, and breath in it every single day. It makes me keep going and stand tall no matter how many times I fall.

Alternative endings in our minds act as food for our brain and work as our drive to make it, confronting our day to day hurdles. We chase happiness as the butterfly chases the light. We feel the warmth of our dreams and smile knowing deep inside that one day, one blessed day things will go the way planned. And if not, isn’t it worth trying to make it happen?


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