What if St. Valentine’s was approaching and you had nobody to celebrate it with?


So, I am sure there are many people out there who get melancholic in the idea that one more St. Valentine’s Day will come and they will be with no special one to celebrate it. I know. I used to be one of you till, I actually had my first and only so far completely disastrous St. Valentine’s Day.

Imagine this bookworm romantic girl who finds someone who actually can talk with her, has a lot of things in common and she starts thinking that she will actually going to have a decent St. Valentine’s Day. She decides to use her talent on drawing and poetry and makes a real beautiful hand-painted card in ink, only to receive nothing a few hours later (apart from a big thank you for the device he seemed so thrilled to have!) and the following comment “So, are these words true?”…

Dude, when an artist pours her heart out you do not ask her whether what she says is true!

Forward some years later, I am so glad this St. Valentine’s Day I will get to spend it with my true love, Capoeira and my team Dandara Cordao De Ouro in Pireas.

Do not worry about not having a Valentine. I am 100% positive that if you love yourself, you will find your Valentine in the eyes of all the special people you love.


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