What if you were given the chance to establish a new law?


Don’t we all want to establish a law at one moment in our lives, when all politicians seem to disappoint us and we think “what if we had the chance”?

Well, as it happens this is my constant thought these days. Everything in Greece seems to fall apart,whatever the ministry, whatever the section. It is just incredible! It would be over-simplistic to address this as a result from one way of government to another. This situation has happened because we tolerated it. We should somehow socially rebel against any corruption and damaging logic demanding just laws for all. Wouldn’t our world be a better place then?

If I had the chance to change one law, then that law would be about the curriculum we teach. I would emphasize the hellenic ideas and team building activities that could take place outside the classroom. The care for the school would be entirely up to students. If we started being selective and careful of what we do in our lives for own development, I am sure we will end up having a much better society.


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