What if politicians served themselves and not the people?


What a question? Of course, all politicians serve themselves first! Right? Mmmm… The problem with this notion is that we have unquestionably accepted that  “serve themselves first” means to actually being indifferent about other people’s needs; that politicians are individuals with corrupted characters; that are into politics for the money. The real challenge lies to see the truth from a different spectrum.

How about someone who rules knowing that by leading the right way she will enjoy serenity, prosperity and abundance? That each law and decision she makes will affect positively herself and all the others? What if the rulers were so clever that they actually could understand that by making the right decision and help others, their own life will prosper in a sense of a wonderful present and a commendable legacy? We tend to forget ideals as they seem impossible to reach. We receive  the message of “carpe diem” as a joy of the moment instead of making each moment count.

We do not believe in people’s integrity, yet, I personally, have been very blessed. I often think of the first governor of Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias. He had understood the importance of what he was doing and in each of his action he set an example of a virtuous life and an attitude of “one for all and all for one”. It was said that he was murdered by Greeks. A closer look to the historical facts will reveal that he was murdered by corrupted foreign governments wanting to exploit the natural treasures of Greece. Nevertheless, his life presents a vivid example of how politicians could be for themselves by being for the others. Yes, change can happen, but we need to believe in it first.


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