What if you needed to be reminded of people who actually make it?

When you grow up in an environment that provides you with all the means in the world to be a successful person, you usually become one. Especially, when your parents have a balanced personality and they want to raise strong, confident and happy people.

However, homes across the globe determine success in a different way. For some, success is when you get a job in the public sector, for some others, if you marry a rich partner; there are those who believe you successful when you conquer fame. The children try to fulfill their parents’ dream and they are constantly reminded of what they should do. There is also the case of people who are constantly undermined by family and society; that their dreams do not fit any norms and nobody believes in them. These people though manage to find a ray of hope, because they look for one I suppose. Have you ever believed in something that could be done while all the others thought it impossible? Didn’t you start to find examples to strengthen your position, when you looked for them?

I have so many dreams that even in my eyes seem difficult to achieve. I tend to say though “just because something is difficult does not mean it is impossible.” And then, I search and find people who did it. Lately, Oprah Winfrey and Tim Robbins come as shining examples of strength and success. Because to me success means to do something that you love overcoming the constant battle of voices within you and these two people having these qualities keep appearing in front of me. Because I see these two people, I check my list of goals more often and I do one act each time towards what I want.

I only wish one day I will be able to thank them both in flesh.



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