What if you ran out of aces, yet you could not give up?

I tend to put on my pink glasses and set my goals high. The quote of Michelangelo that I saw at a restaurant has left its imprint in me. “The greatest danger for all of us, lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.” I feel that if I make it, I will be proud of myself and if I don’t, I will always have more chances to find a new way to go after what I want. I figured out that some goals did not mean to happen at all. (Hey, I can you make some particular guy fall for you?) Their role was for me to grow and start thinking differently, towards things that really matter.

Yet, there are some goals that are very important to me and giving up is not an option. My latest goal to promote my book and start a professional career as a writer proved quite a challenge. I know what to do to promote my friends’ work, some new artist I picked up or a really nice place I saw while roaming the streets. I talk about it and I write about it. How on earth do you promote a book about love that you yourself have written? I know why it is important to me. It is not that “I” wrote it. I have many short stories written on notebooks, white paper, even old floppy disks and I feel no need to go public with those.

However, it took me seven years to finish this book and I feel I have absolutely no right to give up. It is about classic Greek myths. The stories were there hundreds of years before me. It is a very short book. But, each word has been written with care and with the knowledge that the readers will have a smile when they finish it. Love prevails and love in its different dimensions motivates humanity to do extraordinary things.

Writing is not a solitary procedure. You have in your mind all the people that you would like to reach and add something meaningful to their lives. I must confess marketing is difficult. I do not have the right tools or the right budget to do what I like. I have run out of aces. I use to say if plan A goes bad, there is plan B. If plan B goes bad, there are many letters up to Z. And when you reach Z, you can always start over the alphabet.

When you put things in practice though,  you realize that  theories are easy. Actions take a lot of hard work and a mental stamina that resembles that of the marathon runners. I have made many mistakes while writing. (Even in the initial question of the blog, there is a mistake that I corrected later and those of you watching can spot it in a nanosecond.) What life would have been without my mistakes? Where would I be now? I decided to just leave it there reminding me mistakes set a path to who I am, yet, corrections lie just around the corners. So, the real questions that rise from all this brain cell fighting are:

Who benefits from my giving up?  Who benefits from my going on and succeed my goals?

I ‘ll just keep on walking…


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