What if you woke up in snow after many years?


Everything was covered in white. The snow had fallen hard during the night covering the area like a white long cloak worn by a bride covers the burgundy carpet in the altar. The rarity of the image took my breath away making it impossible to think for a moment that I were in my own familiar neighbourhood. I rather saw myself awaken in a parallel universe; silent and helpless. The complete stillness stopped the time and for a few moments the usually rapidly running brain of mine relaxed. No person on site, no voice. Nature has given me a precious gift impossible to believe true.

Snow is rare in my area. But, then again for this picture to embrace my mind and make it stop even for a while is a thing I never thought that would happen. Thoughts about my future, the future of the world and how I can help to make my life better and earth a better place to live consume my day. It is good that nobody can enter my brain. They would probably end up running out of it in screams. I feel blessed that a simple natural phenomenon was able to do what I couldn’t and wished for  ever since I can remember.

People complain about the weather, their  life, the new laws, about everything they can think of. Yet, at days such as these, we need to stop and think; think of all the hardships that humanity had gone through so that even a few of us enjoy our privileged life. We should be grateful to live the miracle of snow close to our home’s hearth, while for some others it may mean their final blow in this life that is so different for each one of us.


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