What if you were sick and yet, you just had to write like Ella enchanted kind of way?


“What are you waiting for? Write, write, write… You have trouble? You want to sleep? You want to be outdoors? You want to paint? Write first and then, you do the rest!”

My mind is giving me a hard time each morning. It seems a witch has enchanted me like Ella but the only order I need to follow is to write.  Blessed be the people with writer’s block! They have the time to breath and think. Can you stop a waterfall from falling? I know stopping my thoughts is impossible. I could stop publishing my thoughts, but writing I can not.

The last three weeks though have been particularly challenging as I have experienced back ache, fever, loss of voice and continuous coughing. Checking through my window I see my neighbourhood covered in snow. I haven’t seen anything like that in all the 29  winters I have spent in this house. Yet, my urge to write is stronger than ever and I imagine myself somewhere in the mountains writing constantly. I do not remember how Ella broke the spell, but in my case… I am not so sure whether I want this to end. I just love writing.



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