What if you allowed yourself to do something extraordinary?

Usually, people keep finding obstacles for the things they want to do or blame people if things go bad. In their thoughts, few have made it, fewer are happy and it is much easier to do as the rest of the world does. Responsibility for one’s own actions is a thing unheard of most of the times, let alone experienced. While, though, most people find excuses,some others work on getting what they want.

About 11 years ago, I read something that stayed in my mind forever. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” It was written in the introduction of the book “Be your own Life Coach” by Fiona Harrold and it was attributed to the inauguration speech of Nelson Mandella. What if we allowed ourselves to do something extraordinary? To be the success we always wished for? That book was the beginning for my reading many success stories of different people, from different backgrounds, at different times. I read articles and books about all the things these people had in common. As I love simplifying things and share valuable information with my youngest students aged 3 sometimes, I came up with the phrase “Difficult does not mean impossible” and I have been in a roller coaster ever since.

I was happy that the giant Antony Robbins used the exact same phrase in his book “Awaken the Giant within” that I have just finished. “WOW” I thought. “So there are other people, great people, thinking like I do!” The more I thought of it, the more I realized that all people who made their dreams come true, who made the unthinkable happen had actually allowed themselves to do something extraordinary.

Two days ago, I saw a young girl named Laura Bretan getting on a stage and performing opera. I love opera and the moment she started singing I felt like I was in heaven. She did not win that contest. She continued her efforts to win the next one. Age 14, who can imagine what she will do when she grows up. What would have happened if she had not allowed herself to shine?

We all must find the courage to go out and create the magic out of small things we do with great passion and love. The rest will happen.



2 thoughts on “What if you allowed yourself to do something extraordinary?

  1. Crystal says:

    Your post made me really think about things. I limit myself, because I’m scared of the aftermath of doing something great or extraordinary – (How will those around me react? What comes next? What if I can’t top it? What if no one gets it?) I’m so in my head it’s crazy. Thank you for this post!!! ☺

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