What if you were on the verge of 200 what ifs?

200 what ifs, 200 possibilities. Life is too small to wonder whether the next corner will keep an unpleasant surprise. Fear, once ruling our hearts, makes our lives looking like a river whose waters were trapped behind rocks; the clean water looses its colours and the clearance gives its place to blurry images and stifling odours as time passes by. Every living thing in the river dies slowly and the once source of life becomes a place of horror and dilapidation.

Similarly, routine becomes a prison; a Sisyphean daily ritual that takes out the gist of what once was a happy life.  Life does not begin in fear. As children we respond to each challenge with curiosity, unaware of the risks, falls and heartbreaks; unaware of the fact that if something goes wrong we always have the chance to make the best of  the following day.

The generations before us in their effort to protect us, teach us how to fear, to fear of failure, and as we grow old we are wrapped up in a set of dos and don’ts that eventually end up in a conventional lifestyle. We catch ourselves smile as a marionette performing its role attached by invisible strings.

Occasionally a “what if” comes to whisper close to our ear. The marionette breaths life and for a moment we feel as if we actually have the power to cut the strings forever. What if?…

Don’t let 200 what ifs stop you from making the first attempt to have a 201 what ifs answered.



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