What if you lost someone your love dearly near Christmas time?


Well, losing someone you love sucks. Losing someone you love suddenly sucks twice. Losing someone you love suddenly close to a festive occasion that is pain beyond words.

I lost the only person in the world who loved me unconditionally quite suddenly. I was expecting for a miracle that did not happen, but at least my favourite granny did not suffer much. It was the beginning of December. And it was this day, some years ago, that a 38 year old friend of mine made a sigh and passed on. It was brain aneurysm. We were supposed to go to the cinema that day as we were certain that we would not have so many people changing the new year in the theatres. I received a phone call from a friend who told me what had happened.

Last time I met Dimitris was at church. I had actually yelled at him because as a lover of jokes he was, he had brought a small device that caused minor electroshock or something and tested it on me. He had decided that I was the perfect “victim” for his new prank and church would be the perfect place to do it. I loved him; he was serious where he had to and yet, a playful child at times. It was only last year that I went to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

We feel sad that our favourite people are not with us. We miss our conversation with them, their smile, their voice, their physical presence. The festive times make this longing even worse, as we witness so many people getting together and we wonder where our loved ones are.

As it happened this year, I realized, they are right here, in our hearts. We have them closer than ever, sometimes working as our guardian angels but always, always, by our side.  Smile for their sake and do as they would… Enjoy your New Year’s Eve.

P.S. The photo is characteristic of my grandma, always a giver especially to her 57 grandchildren and I do not know how many great grandchildren…


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