What if you burnt all the ships?


It is said that long long time ago, a great conqueror burnt his ships in order to prevent his men from fleeing the difficult task they had ahead of them; to prevail in the area. An act such as this can only result in determination, focus and a “we‘re going to win this” attitude. Regardless of whether the means were right, the desirable outcome was reached. Procrastination and doubts gave their place to pure strong will and decisiveness. Nobody knows how things would have ended if the soldiers had no choice, but to move forward. The single action of cutting all the strings attached provided the motivation necessary to achieve a daring goal.

It is not a few times in life, that we are called to do the same; to make a decision getting out of our comfort zone, just so that we are able to move forward. Usually, we leave behind sad situations that had entrapped us. However, in certain occasions, we need to be part from people or habits that mean the world to us. It feels like cutting a part of your body so that the rest of it lives. And in some magical way, a whole new you emerge. Nothing is missing, the old part has given its place to a new one and you know you have moved forward.

Yet, the scars remain to remind you the battle you gave. Behind the smile, the bitter taste of the burnt ships will be there to haunt you forever…


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