What if you decided to live without consuming?

Christmas is approaching for many people around the globe. Thousands of gifts will be purchased, wrapped and given followed by cards and wishes. Certain cities work around the year just to be able to prepare the ornaments for the Christmas trees. The image of our beloved ones opening their presents and smile full of joy works as the carrot in the donkey moving us like winds in and out of stores.

However, lately, images of people having too many things while others have to run for their lives, fill my mind. I opened up my own wardrobe two months ago, only to find so many things. Having lived in a tiny room with just the basics for the last 7 months, I felt quite overwhelmed. I followed the Marie Kondo Method of keeping things in life that give me joy. Well, as it turned out too many things gave me joy. And then I started realizing why the idea of the poor man who went into the woods having only the basics and finding peace made sense.

The funny thing is that marketing strategist invent constantly new ways to make us believe we need more. For example, this year the Black Friday custom invaded Europe. Some followed some didn’t. The question remained: “Do we really need all this stuff in our lives?”

We do need to consume, but as the ancient ones used to say there is a limit to everything. And when limits follow you feel a certain spark of joy that Marie Kondo was so fondly let us to believe…




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