What if you didn’t have a conventional desk to write?

So, I found this wonderful summer job. I arrived late though and the only place I could rent was a small room with no desk. No desk to write and edit my two books and plan my lessons.

In the beginning there was the bed. Good heavens, if you ever try this one make sure you are not tired, otherwise you will end up lying looking at the ceiling… I tried the hotel’s lobby, but everybody recognized me and asked for information; totally wrong choice!

At some point, I headed for the roof. And there, in the middle of nowhere, I made my first desk. It was on a beer basket and I was sitting on an old summer bed. I had the privilege of looking at the beautiful colours of sundown as I was writing, while all the noise of the road became distant. I was lucky that the owners understood my passion for writing and serenity and at some point, I got a small table and a real chair. And magic was found into everyday ordinary things.

So, do what you like, fantasize what you want and who knows, fairy people do exist and things can turn out pretty well…


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